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Paladin Epic Mount Final Quest Guide
« on: August 03, 2005, 12:32:39 AM »
Hi All,

Found this guide on Thottbot which talks about the best way to take on the final Paladin Epic Mount Quest "Judgment and Redemption" in Scholomance.

Composition of Party
Number of Paladins: Paladins are required to complete the end sequence. 3 is your sweet spot of balance between getting to room without trouble and ease of completing the end sequence. 4 makes the end sequence do-able even if they sequence goes buggy. But with 4 Paladins, the trip to the room will be harder and longer (It is do-able). If you want to be sure you complete the quest, 4 Paladins would guarantee you complete it. You should have a priest. Not only do you get heals you get crowd control with shackle. This is invaluable in end sequence (see below).
Rest of Party:
Slot 1: Paladin
Slot 2: Paladin
Slot 3: Paladin or Warrior or Rogue
Slot 4: Paladin or Mage or Warlock
Slot 5: Priest

Journey to the Rattlegore room
There is nothing special to note here it’s just kind of slow. Take your time and you will get to the room. The only thing worth mentioning is the room with the whelps. They have a nasty damage over time that can easily kill you within 3 to 4 seconds if you do not cleanse. You will be spamming cleanse. Be ready for it or take the durability hit when you die.

Rattlegore room
The risen constructs hit hard! No big deal but without a tank the healer has to be on it healing the Paladins. Some Paladins in my group had a shield and one handed two of us used a two hander. What worked best was alternating stuns and alternating tanking. Really this Risen constructs are just time consuming and no fun. You should pull them one at time into the hallway outside room to fight. The puller and the priest go to doorway together for the pull. There are a couple of them that are real close and unless you time it just right you will pull two. Better to shackle one and fight the other then finish off the add. Rattlegore will come with a little buddy. Just shackle his buddy then finish him off.

Judgement Sequence
Now that  the Rattlegore room completely empty of any mob. You can begin the end sequence “Judgements”. Everyone needs to stand in one corner (see diagram). You will enter the room and turn right. The party should stay in that corner the entire time. Some people suggested placing the Divination Scryer in the opposite corner. You can’t do that. It must be placed in the center.
Aura’s to use: devotion, shadow and concentration. If you don’t have three Paladin’s use devotion and concentration on the first three waves and switch to shadow and concentration on the fourth wave. The fourth wave are caster that do shadow damage. So make sure that the priest has given the party “Shadow Protection”.
Coordinate Paladin’s Judgments: You must have a good group of Paladin’s that are willing to work together. Our judgments do more damage than the mage can do and it has a good chance of stunning for 5 seconds. Work out a sequence of Paladin 1 judge wait 5 seconds Paladin 2 judge wait 5 seconds Paladin 3 judge and repeat. Most parties fail this quest for one of three reasons. (1) They panic and don’t coordinate their judgments or (2) They pull the entire third wave (3) They kill the fourth ghost sub-boss to soon (more on this in a minute). The order of judgments is as follows.
Wave one: Judge Seal of Wisdom
Wave two: Judge Seal of Justice
Wave three: Judge Seal of Righteousness
Wave four: Judge Seal of Light

Ghost Mini-boss: This is important. To get time to eat and drink between waves of ghosts, have your priest shackle each wave’s mini-boss. That is what triggers the next event. This is not true between the first three waves, but it might be good to practice because when you kill the fourth wave mini-boss you will summon Death Knight Darkreaver! If you have some ghosts left to kill and you are low on health/mana you could wipe with the Death Knight is summoned early. Others have.

What to do: Your party is at full health and in the correct corner (point x on map). You run to center of room and plant the Divination Scryer in center of room (point D on map) and run back to group. You will agro ghosts so when you get back to group the fight will already be started. The first wave is easy. Good chance to practice your judgments and loosen up. When a group that has been killed relax and wait for next group. You don’t need to pull. The second wave is a little harder but not hard. You will begin to use up some mana so be ready for third wave. Eat and drink.

Third Wave: You are all in the correct corner and the ghosts are not coming so its time to pull as everyone is buffed and has full health/mana. The ghosts to the left look like the perfect group to pull (there are only three of them) DON’T! This will bring all 9-11 ghosts. Instead go to the right and pull the ghost in position G on map. This will bring 6-7. No problem if judgments are timed. Then you will have ones and twos that come to you.

Fourth Wave: They will agro on their own so wait. Eat/drink. These are easier than the last wave. But be ready to shackle the mini-boss ghost. Before you release the mini-boss ghost kill all the ghosts (All!) Then regenerate your health and mana. You can’t eat/drink so just wait for it to regenerate. When you’re buffed and in good shape release the ghost mini-boss and kill him. Death Knight Darkreaver will be summoned immediately! No time to rest. Some tricks the Death Knight has is some sort of lay on hands to heal himself when he is low on health. The Death Knight Darkreaver will/can mind control one of your party. For us he MC’ed the mage who smited me and killed me instantly (I was low on health and in process of getting a heal). He is really pretty easy. But, if you kill the 4th mini-boss early you could have your hands full!

Darkreaver is dead now what? Loot “Charger's Lost Soul”. Every Paladin on the quest can loot it! All will complete their quest regardless of who used their scryer. You must go to the planted Divination Scryer and right click on “Charger's Lost Soul”. It will turn into “Charger's Redeemed Soul” You have now completed your quest. Go to Charger’s ghost and turn in your quest. You now have your Epic Mount!

Rattlegore room

X = Where party stands entire fight
D = Where to place the Divination Scryer
G = Which ghost on the third wave to pull

    | x                
    |          D          
    |  G                  


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