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BC PvP rewards info
« on: November 07, 2006, 07:16:15 PM »
Copied from this thread:

----------------------------- Forms of Honor ------------------

There are 5+ basic forms of Honor "Currency" & Rewards:

1. Honor Points
2. BG Tokens
3. Hold/Thrallmar Marks (expansion)
4. Arena points (expansion)
5. Zone-based Tokens (i.e. "Halaa Battle Tokens" & other expansion zones)

The Honor Points appear to be similar to weekly honor contribution. You kill or do XYZ amount of honor stuff for the day & you get these pts in return. You can spend them on pvp stuff like gear. You can also buy gems for sockets. These spendable points seem updated daily. Honor points are not capped.

The BG Tokens you already know & you can spend them. Generic pvp stuff also sometimes requires these Tokens as well. BG tokens now stack to 100.

The Hold/Thrallmar Marks are for world pvp around world pvp areas or from related world pvp quests. They garner you rewards as well. Example Hold/Thrallmar Mark rewards:

Arena Points rewards oughta be self-explanatory. They come from Arena fights. The character panel tracks your Arena performance in 2v2, 3v3 & 5v5 along with total arena points. Arena Points are capped at 2x the most expensive Arena item's cost.

The Zone-based Honor tokens such as Halaa also gives stuff. This is a world pvp town where Offense attacks (with aerial bombs!) & Defense tries to maintain the guards.

--------- Level 60 Rewards ---------

Here's my quick sketch of the lvl 60 PvP rewards when translated into the new Honor Points system.

Rank 12 equivalents: 29,250 points

Epic Pants cost 12750 honor pts & 30 WSG marks.
Epic Gloves are 8250 pts & 20 AV marks.
Epic Boots are 8250 pts & 20 AB marks.

Rank 13 equivalents: 34,500 points

Epic Chest now costs 13500 pts & 60 AB marks.
Epic Helm now costs 12750 pts & 30 AV marks.
Epic Shoulders now cost 8250 pts & 20 AB marks.

Entire epic set is 63,750 pts plus 100 AB marks, 50 AV marks & 30 WSG marks.

Rank 14: Epic 1h&er is 15,000 pts. 30k for 2h&ers.

Entire blue set: 21,520 pts

Boots are 2750
Gloves are 2750
Pants are 4250
Chest is 4500
Shoulders are 2750
Helm is 4250

Other lvl 60 stuff:

Basic pvp insignia/trinket is 2750. Lots of stuff here

Also, WSG epic pants are 8500 pts & 60 marks. The blue lvl 60 WSG sword is 10,000 pts. I assume the AB & AV rewards are similar requirements. See more at

Some of those items have very minor changes which simply reflect translation of crit %s to the new critical strike ratings & such. I havent done the math, but dont expect them to scale well to 70 (i.e. if the crit rate translates to be the same at lvl 60 the new math is that such a crit percent on that item will depreciate slightly as you level because +14 critical rating at lvl 60 is stronger, more crit %, than +14 critical rating at lvl 70).

----------- W'aaah, how hard is this? ----

What does this mean in terms of getting real Honor---> reward?
How long will it take to get this stuff?

Folks in beta are all reporting about approx 20 Honor Points per solo kill in the 60-63 range. Some report up to 30 at higher levels. I've also noticed that we'll get from 1-13 or so within pvp groups (i.e. splitting honor). I've seen the entire range in beta, so it will be similar to the current honor contribution splits we see in groups in world pvp.

Let's assume we can get 5 pts per kill, average, within BGs at lvl 60 (including Bonus).

The lvl 60 Rank 13 epic set is 63,750 pts total & approx 12,750 kills. Rank 14 weaps would be about 6000 kills. Obviously you'd also need to garner the BG tokens.

For casual players looking for complete sets, it will still be some serious work. For those trying to get specific pieces then it becomes very manageable. For the uber-hardcore full-time farmers this will become silly. However, keep in mind this pertains to the existing lvl 60 gear & not the lvl 70 gear. We dont know when 1.13 comes out.

At 3 pts per kill (instead of 5)...

Rank 14 2-h is ~45 days at 200 kills a day. Chest + shoulders is 4 weeks at 200 kills a day. At 600 kills a day, that's ~16 days for Rank 14 weapon. Epic chest + shoulders would be 12 days at that pace.

 -------------- level 70 Rewards -----

Marshal's (epic 70) & Gr& Marshal's (non-epic 70) gear

Prices on other versions appear to be as follows:

(Epic 70) Marshal's/General's Belt 14000 pts & 40 AB tokens
(Epic 70) Marshal's/General's Wrist 9250 pts & 20 WSG tokens
(Epic 70) Marshal's/General's Boots 14000 pts & 40 EotS tokens

Sergeant's Cape/Cloak (epic 70) 9250 points & 20 AB tokens &

(Non-Epic 70) Gr& Marshal's/High Warlord's Shoulders 5500 pts & 20 AB
(Non-Epic 70) Gr& Marshal's/High Warlord's Pants 8750 pts & 30 WSG
(Non-Epic 70) Gr& Marshal's/High Warlord's Helm 8740 pts & 30 AV
(Non-Epic 70) Gr& Marshal's/High Warlord's Gloves 5500 pts & 20 AV
(Non-Epic 70) Gr& Marshal's/High Warlord's Chest ____ pts & 30 AB

(here's a NPC vendor selling all that stuff )

You can see 70 blue weapons here

Marshal's/General's 2h 25000 & 40 AV
Marshal's/General's 1h 15000 & 20 EotS

More listed here

There is also a new BG & thus a new set of Tokens you'll see listed here/there for the 70 gear.

Where do you get the epic weapons & other slots?

---------- Arena Rewards -----------

From all indications thus far, the Arena rewards will be cream of the crop & fill out the slots for those focused on PvP. Apparently this stuff is all available out in Netherstorm, which is currently unavailable to beta testers.

EDIT: See Distress' post below for much more info on Arena.

In general, it appears that the Arena rewards are all named "Gladiator" in some form.

Chest, Legs, Head, H&s & Shoulder pieces available:

Cross-ref with these class-specific screens (i havent checked for consistency in info yet):

If you look real carefully... ;)

Helms are 1875
Gloves are 1125
Shoulders are 1500
*I cant make out the rest (please post info if you have it)

For weaps, check out Distress' link

Two-h& weaps (& bow/guns) are 3750 arena points
One-h& weaps (& the shields/offh&s) are 1875 arena points

See also for cross-ref on most of those

-------- Remaining Questions --------

How will Bonus honor work from BGs?
What are the Arena rewards?
Will Honor pts in Arena work as BGs?
What are all the zone-specific pvp systems/rewards?
What's the deal with the new BG?
Why on earth would folks go for the non-epic pvp rewards instead of saving for epics?
What will be the best way to get lots of Honor Pts?

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Re: BC PvP rewards info
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2009, 09:39:07 AM »
Now we see that if they  come from Arena fights. The character panel tracks your Arena performance in 2v2, 3v3 & 5v5 along with total arena points.

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Re: BC PvP rewards info
« Reply #2 on: April 30, 2009, 09:14:42 PM »
Holy Necro-Thread, Batman!
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