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Latest UI Setup
« on: July 12, 2007, 01:08:34 AM »
Since Dweedy was curious about some UI mods, I'm posting screenshots of my current UI.

First Tests with PitBull
I decided to play around with PitBull and set it up.  It took more time to configure than ag_UnitFrames but this setup was good enough for me to start using it.

Changing the Raid Bars
The raid bars took up too much room and seemed inefficient.  I trimmed them down and cut out the information that wasn't important.  While I still don't like what happens to priests and the text on their bars, the rest of the UI seems fine.  The energy/mana/rage bars were condensed to a small stripe below each health bar.  The red text in the health bars show how much hp each player is missing.  People who are out of range are slightly faded compared to the people who are in range.

I'll probably tune the interface a bit more but it seems to be working decent so far. 


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