Author Topic: Karazhan: Netherspite strat  (Read 1995 times)

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Karazhan: Netherspite strat
« on: July 16, 2007, 09:19:27 AM »
This is just my recollection of what worked, it might not be the "best" or most "correct" ... whatever, we killed him dead just the same.

Our makeup:

Tank 1
Tank 2
Rogue 1

Priest 1
Priest 2
Priest 3

Mage 1
Mage 2

Paladin 1
Paladin 2


Tank 1 agros Netherspite fairly close to the door.
Everyone else runs past and waits for the portals to appear.

Tank 1 moves to be in place of the Red beam.

Rogue 1 moves in place to be in the Green beam.

Priest 1 moves to be in the Blue beam.


While the beams are on, the person who gets the red beam first gets a huge (31K) HP boost, and pretty much permanent agro for the entire beam phase.

During the fight, the Tank stays in the red beam for 3 seconds, then moves out momentarily to let it hit Netherspite, then back in for 3 seconds.  Rinse, repeat for the length of the phase.

If a black hole appears under the tank, he should move forward out of it, as little movement as possible.  Call this out, as the people in the other beams may need to adjust their positions to keep in the beams (damn that geometry).

And of course, the tank does all the usual tanky type things to keep himself alive.

The person in the blue beam will do a lot more damage, but will also take a bunch of damage,  this is the main job of the healers, keep the blue beam person alive.


Green beam person does DPS.  this should be someone with no mana, at least that is my understanding.


In the second phase, move away from him, most people ran to the back wall.

If you have agro from Netherspite, it is possible to turn him away from other people so his breath attack doesn't hit them, it seemed to be in a cone from the front of him.

For this, the two tanks stayed in melee range, hitting him and turning him around.  I'm not sure if this is vital, but it seemed to work, apart from the rogue eating a nice chunk of melee damage and dying.


The portals will be visible for a few seconds before they send out the beams, reposition in front of the appropriate beam.

This time we rotated:

Tank 1 - Green beam

Tank 2 - Red beam

Priest 2 - Blue Beam


The reason for the rotation is that you recieve a debuff that prevents returning to the same color beam after leaving it for some time.  So, the rogue cannot go into the green beam on the second time the beam phase comes. (although in our case, the rogue was then dead...)


That's about all I can remember.  For the tanks, at least, it became a fairly basic fight once we understood the dance in and out of the red beam, and having to alternate tanking (red beam) duty and green beam duty.

If anyone wants to add to this, especially the ranged or healers, feel free.  I just wanted to get something down while I still remembered.
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Re: Karazhan: Netherspite strat
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2007, 04:09:39 PM »
I'll add my 2 cents for healers.  Cecily and Layna our 2 shadow priests were in the blue beam alternating phases, cedric, manyana and I were focusing our heals on them as Ohy stated.

Ignore the tanks while the red beam is up, they heal themselves.  However when the beams go down and netherspite banishes himself be prepared to heal the tanks.

If you step in and out of the green beam, you can restore all of your mana.  However I found that when i was healing the dps in the blue beam, i didn't have time to run over to the green beam as the dps taken by the person in the blue beam increases over time.  I suggest popping in the green beam as soon as it appears if you think you'll need more mana, then run over to the blue beam and sit there healing.

Also, people get really spread out on this fight, so i stood close to where the blue beam would be next to netherspite(like 10 or so yards out) so i could maximize the area inside my range of healing.

During the banish phase netherspite spits out some breath crap that does roughly 4k damage and a big knockback, try to get your raid to clump towards the back wall while the tanks spin him away from everyone else.  This will help keep everyone in healing range, except the tanks, so make sure one or two healers is ready to heal a tank if need be.

During the entire fight, shadow damage is spammed randomly on the group, and black holes are opened on the floor.  Move out of the black holes and the damage on the rest of the raid is fairly light compared to that of the person standing in the blue beam, so use hots or flash heals to keep up the lightly damaged people while spamming big heals on the dps'er in the blue beam.

feel free to stick close to netherspite during the portal phase, he only hits the tank pretty much, no tail swipe or crap like that, but get away during banish phase.

Also, don't cross the beams, specially the red one, that would be... bad... very bad...


DI the mages so they can AoE, watch out for whelps, more DoTs  ^-^