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GUILD POLICY DOCUMENT v8.0 -- [all guildies must read]
« on: December 11, 2010, 11:00:22 AM »

Excalibur was founded on the principles of friendship, honor, cooperation and respect. We started off as an extremely small guild of close friends who helped each other out, shared resources and information freely, and shared jokes and such in guild chat each day. The principles we began with remain our priority today.

Friendship, honor, cooperation and respect come first in Excalibur, and each member of the Excalibur family is expected to uphold these values so that our guild will remain the unified haven it was created to be and so that our name will never become tarnished.


Excalibur strives to maintain a close knit, casual atmosphere. However, any organization needs some policies in order to remain functional. The following are practices that we have discovered are necessary and/or useful for keeping the guild healthy.

1.1.   General Conduct:
Each player is expected to behave in a courteous manner towards his or her fellow guild mates, and towards the Silvermoon community at large. We strive to avoid conflict, "flame wars" and arguments in general. This includes General channel, party chat, guild chat, raid chat, and forums (Excalibur, Silvermoon, or other forums). Each member should be allowed to have his or her own opinion and to express it without ridicule. Bragging or grandstanding is strongly discouraged, as is insulting, blaming or calling down other players/guilds excessively. Members found to be engaging in this behavior will be casually spoken to or warned (as the situation warrants), and if the behavior continues, guild membership will be terminated.

Racism, sexism, homophobia, or any other types of bigotry will not be tolerated whether in guild, party, raid, general, or forum chat. Depending on the circumstances, at the leaders’ discretion, members engaging in this behavior will be warned and/or removed from the guild.

1.2.   Recruiting:
Our recruiting policy is based on word of mouth and references. Each of our members has been hand picked by the leaders and/or vouched for by current members in good standing.

The applicant must be applying with his or her main character (alts can be accepted as well provided they are “active” for the most part). For our purposes, your main is defined as one of a player's highest level characters, usually level 100, on Silvermoon Alliance-side (this may or may not be the character that you play most).

All recruits must be 18 years of age or older. This policy is adhered to as our guild is composed entirely of adults, and as such, adult conversation (e.g., swearing, topics of an adult nature, lewdness and crudeness) does occur on a frequent basis. We make a lot of non-guild-friendly jokes... not much is sacred. If that offends you, think twice; there are plenty of guilds designed for kids out there in Silvermoon that would be much more suitable for the younger player.

We do not recruit based on class, level, race, profession, skill level, or talent tree specification. Our members represent a diverse bunch of gamers, ranging from the phenomenally skilled constantly respeccing and tweaking his or her gear kind of player, to the casual player who takes a more laid back approach towards his or her character by choosing to focus on other aspects of the game (e.g., social aspects). No one type of player is considered any better than the other in Excalibur.

Any player who is interested in becoming a member of Excalibur would best go about it by getting to know as many of our current members as possible both through chatting with them in game and grouping with them, and by registering for and posting on our forums at If the player does not know anyone in Excalibur well enough for them to vouch for him or her, it will take some time before that player might be considered for a trial period.

If the player seeking to become a member knows some of our current members and those members are willing to vouch for the player as a good recruit, the sponsoring member(s) should contact a leader to discuss nominating the player as a potential recruit.

Leaders will discuss potential recruits amongst themselves and decide whether to grant the player a trial period. At least two leaders must agree to a trial in order to /ginvite a new recruit.

New recruits are given a trial period (rank of Squire) during which they can get to know the guild, the guild can get to know them, and the leaders can evaluate the recruit and seek feedback from the guild if need be, before making a decision on membership. The trial period may be shorter than one week (namely, if the member decides to leave or is asked to leave or removed) but more often it ends up being much longer, in order to give leaders a chance to evaluate the recruit for membership. At least two Guild Leaders must unanimously approve a recruit for membership before the recruit can be offered membership and promoted as such.

Please note that if you are refused membership after your trial period, this does not necessarily mean that you are a bad person or a bad player or that none of us liked you. Unfortunately not everyone can get along, and we have chosen to hand pick our members so that the level of conflict within the guild is as close to zero as possible. This means that sometimes we have to sacrifice a decent recruit because they didn't seem to "fit" with our current members. If this is the case for you, we are sorry that things didn't work out and wish you all the best.

1.3.   Participation:
As we are a social guild there are no requirements on attendance or any minimum “play time” required.

1.4.   Alts:
Each member is allowed to have as many characters in the guild as they wish. If you haven't logged into your alt for more than eight weeks, he or she may be removed at the leadership’s discretion (but they can always be added back later if you choose).
This is to keep the guild roster as active as possible.

1.5.   Ranks:
There are four ranks in Excalibur.
Rank 1, Timeless, this rank we use for guild members who have a special place in Excalibur. Most typically this is for someone who no longer plays but has played a major part in the history of Excalibur.
Rank 2, Knight, this is our general membership rank for those who do NOT have an authenticator on their account and therefore has no guild bank access.
Rank 3, Champion, this rank is also for our general membership and holds exactly the same status as Knight with one exception. It is reserved for those members WITH an authenticator on their account. This is to allow guild bank access, in a secure and controlled manner.
The vast majority of the guild members are Knights or Champions.
Rank 4, Leader, the final rank is Leader, a rank for Vixx, Ohy, Dweedy and Lauric (and their numerous alts), who are the four equal guild leaders of Excalibur and are ultimately responsible for all final decisions. All Guild Leader decisions are made by the Guild Leaders together.

2.1  Raiding:
Guild Excalibur Leadership actively encourages our members to participate in end game style raid content, such as prearranged raids with other guild members or other options such as Raid Finder or the Premade Groups Finder. Our desire to remain a social guild is of the utmost importance to our Leadership, so we will largely maintain a hands off approach to raiding activities. We are confident that Excalibur pride and principles will govern those members who engage in raid activities.

The guild leadership assumes no control over who attends guild raiding activities. All friends, Alumni, or Alts of guild members are encouraged and welcome to attend.

The guild leadership makes no requirements of any of our members to participate in any raid activity, at any time.

2.2.   PvP:
We are not a PvP guild, but a few of our members do engage in PvP activity (duels, BGs, arena etc.). Each member is expected to adhere to a strict code of honor when engaging in PvP activity, keeping in mind that behind every PvP kill, there is another player. Ganking of any sort, excessive rude gestures, attacking people in inns or while eating, dishonorable kills, or any other unsportsmanlike conduct will be dealt with by warning the member or, in serious or repeat cases, terminating guild membership.

2.3.   Looting and Loot Distribution:
For any items not controlled by the Personal Loot system (found in Raid Finder, Normal and Heroic Raids and World Bosses), Excalibur members should follow a C>N>G system for all purple items (or better). This means that when an item drops, players roll on the item by priority of class first (e.g., is it a class focused item? if so, said class has first choice at rolling), then need (i.e., if it is an upgrade for the character that you are currently logged into? Will you equip the item immediately? if so, you may roll on the item), and finally, greed. For efficiency, green and blue items are considered FFA. Each player will be expected to roll on items based upon this declared spec and then if no one else can use the item, people can be asked to roll for their off-spec. In the case of recipes, patterns, plans or schematics, only those members who can actually use the item as a part of their profession and who have the required skill level will be allowed to roll for the item.

Although the following is not a rule that we strictly enforce, most often when a greed item roll happens, the people in the raid will talk amongst each other and figure out if someone else in the guild needs the item (usually mains first, then alts) and if so, the item is often sent to that person. Again, this is ultimately up to the person who won the greed roll, but most of our members follow this system, and it is highly representative of the values our guild is founded upon. When a particularly valuable epic drops and no one in the raid needs it (this has happened a few times already), the raid members may decide to sell the epic and split the profits.

3.1. Guild Bank
Timeless has no withdrawal access to the bank as this is simply a symbolic rank.
Knights have no withdrawal access to the bank, period.
Champions have full access to deposit in all tabs and to deposit cash. Champions can also withdraw from the allowed tabs whatever they like, keeping in mind that they are expected to deposit at least as much as they withdraw on average over time. Champions cannot withdraw gold. This rank requires an authenticator.
Guild Leaders have full access to all tabs and to all gold.

Guild Bank Repairs are allowed and turned on. We do however ask players who use this function to actively contribute to the guild bank (resources or funds) where possible.

Enchanting and consumables can come from the bank; however, players should not depend on the bank for all of their enchanting/consumable needs. Guild members do not charge each other for crafting or transmuting services (when the materials are provided); this does not mean, however, that guild members will always have a transmute available for you at any given time.

All members should avoid placing items that may not get used, or are of a less desirable nature into the bank. It should not to be used as a dumping ground. Only put items in that you feel may be useful to others (of any item level). Guild Leaders may remove items deemed unnecessary without any prior notice in and effort to keep the bank clean AND relevant.

If any member has a conflict with another member, he or she is encouraged to attempt to resolve the matter with the member directly. If attempts at conflict resolution are not successful, then the member(s) should speak to a leader about the matter as unresolved conflicts in guild will only fester and threaten our unity.

Don't forget to have fun!
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