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Interested in Joining? Read This.
« on: October 11, 2005, 01:06:12 PM »
Greetings Fellow World of Warcraft Players. Welcome to Guild Excalibur's Recruiting forum!

Below is a list of commonly asked questions and answers that will help should you decide to apply for membership:


From our Guild info guide:

"Excalibur was founded on the principles of friendship, honour, cooperation and respect. We started off as an extremely small guild of close friends who helped each other out, shared resources and information freely, and shared jokes and such in guild chat each day. We have now grown to be quite a large guild, but the principles we began with remain our top priority today."


Excalibur is a World of Warcraft Guild.


Guild Excalibur is situated on the WoW Silvermoon server.

How do I join?

1) The first step is to be 18 years old, or older. All of our members are adults and we sometimes discuss or say things in guild chat, or on Ventrilo, that might not be appropriate for the younger players on our server to see or hear.

2) The second step is to read our Guild Charter under FAQs section. This document details our guild policies in general, and outlines our guild's purpose and overall rules. Should you decide to apply for membership, it will be assumed that you have read and understand the rules as outlined in the Guide and, that you agree to abide by such rules.

3) The third step is to either approach one of the officers/leaders in game, or make a post in this section of the forums outlining your desire to join.

How are potential recruits selected for membership?

Once you indicate a desire to join Excalibur, your name will be added to a list of potential applicants that will be displayed in a seperate thread in our private officers forum. It is here that the Guild Leaders(Vixx, Ohyeahsure and Dweedy), and Officers, will consider each application and select those applicants that they feel will best serve our fine guild.

Note: Depending on the number of applications received during any recruiting cycle, the Guild Leaders reserve the right to limit the number of applicants who are approved for membership. This is done to prevent a large influx of new people to the Guild, which has the possibility of adversely affecting the guild as a whole. If you are not selected as a member during the current recruiting phase, it does not necessarily mean that you have been turned down. Your name will stay on the potential recruits list until the next recruiting freeze is lifted.

How can I help increase my odds of being accepted?

The best way is to participate in our guild sponsored instance runs. Let us get to know you and your character. Feel free to approach us in game and tell us that you have expressed a desire to join our guild. The more we get to know about you, the better your chances are of being accepted. We have a Guild roster located here that potential applicants can use to know who our current members are.

How will I know if I have been accepted?

Once the selected applicants have been approved by the Guild Leaders, you will get that all important /ginvite from either our Guild Leaders or Officers. :)

All applicants who are selected for membership are automatically placed on a probationary status, and will be inducted into the Guild at the rank of Squire. A person will remain a Squire until the Guild Leaders/Officers feel confident that you are suitable to be promoted to Knight, or, unsuitable as a member and removed from the guild. This means that the probation period can be different for everyone. This is done for the protection of the guild as a whole and is not waiverable.

I hope this answers the basic questions regarding our recruitment process.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact any of the Leaders/Officers in-game or post on the forums. :)

I look forward to meeting all of you in game!

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